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My name is Paola, I am a New Yorker living in the Bronx. I am a Latina native of Dominican Republic.

I'm 22, love reading, watching movies, and Fanfiction! I love Tom Hiddleston and reblog a lot about him. This is a LIFE blog. I blog about things I like, what's on my mind at the moment, how I cope with things, and life changing experiences.

I had a Gastric Sleeve surgery to lose weight on April 23, 2014.

HW: 260

CW: 224

GW #1: 200

GW #2: 180

GW #3: 160

GW #4: 140

UGW: 130

I am vey friendly so please, LET’S BE FRIENDS.

Pao Loses The Weight.

"The fear of suffering is far worse than the suffering itself," Paulo Coelho.





I want to go to this exact point and run around it saying “I’m in Sweden!” I’m in Finland!” “I’m in Norway!” until I get tired

i aspire to great things in life

According to Google Maps, that point is in the middle of a small lake.

So we’ll do it in January when it’s frozen.

actually that’s why they’ve helpfully dropped a big-ass cement block with a bridge surrounding it in the middle of the lake: for the express purpose of doing what OP aspires to do

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My goal is not achieving my dream body. My goal is to be confident and happy with myself, for who I am now. What’s the point of having your a so-called “perfect” body when you still don’t love yourself?


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Had my endoscopy today! Anesthesia is a trip man. Done with all of my testing, now it’s just up to insurance. Wish me luck folks!

I just got approval yesterday f or a sleeve. I have to do a sleep apnea test, an endoscopy, and all of the psych evaluations, but my insurance has been incredible about all of this. Best of luck to you on your surgery! =)

Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and congrats!!!!!

Good luck with everything love. 💜💜 you won’t every regret your decision.

#julyphotochallenge #day23 #somethingPink 💗 My journal and an amazing tasty quest bar @questnutrition #chocolateraspberry 💞! If I didn’t keep journals I would probably be completely insane. It’s good to go back and see how far I’ve come.

Happy 3 month anniversary to me!

Wow wow wow!

It’s been three months since I went through surgery. I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Has is been easy? Hell No! Do I regret my decision? Absolutely not!

Weight loss surgery is possibly the hardest decision I’ve ever taken but the outcome is so rewarding I don’t really mind the hard work, or the hair falling, or working out religiously, or the meal planning.

This is not the easy way out!
I repeat, this is not the easy way out!

Commitment is key, exercising is extremely important and making the right choices when eating are crucial for success. I’m a little sad because, I won’t know how much weight I’ve lost so far until next Tuesday, July 29. I promise not to weight myself and I will stand by it.

If you have tried every diet in the world and you’re still struggling to lose weight I would recommend weight loss surgery. Be completely sure of the lifestyle change because there won’t be a chance to go back once you go through with it. Life is too short and you have to love yourself more than you love food in order to succeed.

Anyways, I am happy, happy, happy and bless! Good day y’all!



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"Sorry bro"
"S’all good bro"

My love for giraffes just grew a little more 😂

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August is around the corner and I am looking for ways to stay motivated. I am very competitive, so I do challenge as a way to keep my motivation and not fall back. Any challenges or anything I could try for a whole month? BTW not weighting myself this month has been the hardest thing EVER! #wls #vsgnation #vsg #itsapaothing #motivation #fitbit #fitness #gordaaflaca #sleeve #augustchallenge