Welcome to my blog!!

My name is Paola, I am a New Yorker living in the Bronx. I am a Latina native of Dominican Republic.

I'm 22, love reading, watching movies, and reading Fanfiction! I love Tom Hiddleston and Paul Wesley I reblog a lot about them. This is a LIFE blog. I blog about things I like, what's on my mind at the moment, how I cope with things, and life changing experiences.<p>

On April 23, 2014 I made a lifestyle change decision. VSG, Sleeve. <p> On my journey to a healthier life.

HW: 260

CW: 208

GW #1: 240✅

GW #2: 220✅

GW #3: 200

GW #4: 180

GW #5: 160

UGW: 140

I am very friendly so please, LET’S BE FRIENDS.

Pao Loses The Weight.

"The fear of suffering is far worse than the suffering itself," Paulo Coelho.

How I wish I could get him for Christmas this year. A girl can only wish.